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 General Adaptive Potential (GAP)
The ability to adapt to our lifestyle stressors is what we at Core Health believe to be one of the most important aspects to achieving or maintaining one's short and long-term health objectives. 
Imagine that a combination of lifestyle stressors and events are constantly “pushing” down on us while our inborn, internal capacities resist this pressure. If the external forces gradually overwhelm the internal resistance and interfere with the nervous system, the GAP is narrowed.  Widening the GAP is desirable.           

Having a narrower GAP and, therefore, a lower Autonomic Activity score puts the patient in a vulnerable position. They don’t have the necessary reserves to remain resilient in the face of ongoing or upcoming stressors. They have a suppressed recovery response and as the stresses accumulate or continue their health status can decline more rapidly. The statement of “getting sicker, quicker” applies here.

            Why do we utilize the INSIGHT™ technology?

To identify your GAP
Detect hidden patterns of stress and tension
Shed light on internal changes in the body
Establish a baseline and identify potential problem areas
To Gauge and never guess on your health
To provide consistent feedback to your progress

At Core Health Chiro, we believe that each doctor and practice member are a team for treating an individual's health needs. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for an advantage beyond the old school chiropractic care.  Our team spends their time listening to understand your concerns and responding with the best care options for you. Whether you have a specific body issue (such as back pain or a spinal condition), need pain relief, or just want to improve your overall health, Core Health Chiro may have a solution for you. 

With the help of our professional staff, they also follow up to make sure that your health issues are resolved and your health improves. How do we follow-up?  Not only do we ask the right questions, but most importantly we utilize the COREscore technology on a consistent and ongoing basis to assure we have resolved the cause.  Imagine an approach in which you can physically feel and see the cause has been identified and corrected.

You can visit our testimonials page to read about practice members who have benefited by seeing and receiving care from Core Health Chiro, your Fargo/Moorhead Chiropractors.

Your 1st visit to Core Health, will involve and explanation about how the science of chiropractic works, a complete chiropractic evaluation and a COREscore analysis to see if chiropractic care is right for you. If there is a good fit, we can develop a care plan that is specific to your health issues and health objectives.

If you are new to our office PLEASE feel free to click the "email us" link to ask any questions.  We also encourage to call 701-364-2673 and speak to us directly. We welcome referrals, so feel free to use the "send to friend" link to share our health information with your friends and loved ones. If you want to receive our free health and wellness articles, you can subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter, even if you are not a practice member. Once you subscribe, you can explore our member wellness section and take advantage of our animated exercise videos, wellness articles, and other resources. 

"Observational study found that low back pain patients receiving chiropractic care, which typically includes spinal manipulation, are more satisfied than those receiving medical care."
-New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Dustin Barton and Dr. Stephanie Millar
Fargo Chiropractors | Core Health Chiro | 701-364-2673
Newborn I Pediatric I Maternal Health I Family Care
4955 17th Avenue S., Suite 108
Fargo, ND 58103


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